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This secret to losing weight is so counter intuitive it's going to astonish you

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Shame, fear, deprivation, gone…extra pounds, dropped for good. How? Discover the feminine way to lose weight.
This is the breakthrough you’ve been longing for.

Every once in a great while, you stumble on a way out, a breakthrough past the seemingly endless cycle of “the way things are done.”

Pleasurable weight loss is one of those breakthroughs.

Pleasurable weight loss? It’s sounds like a contradiction in terms. But what’s backwards is the way we’ve learned that eating for pleasure–and for some women, eating anything at all–is bad.

Ask any woman if she “enjoys” calorie-counting and the answer will be no surprise to you. Millions of women know the daily ritual of standing on the scale and letting the number dictate their day. Each woman looking in the mirror and only ever seeing what she is trying to “diet away,” and then swinging on the pendulum of depriving herself, over-eating and depriving herself again.

If you’re one of those millions of women, you can probably feel the shame in your gut just reading those words. I know I used to. I’ve been there myself. I call this cycle and its restrictive approaches the “masculine strategies” for weight loss, and I’m happy to let you know there’s a much healthier, saner alternative available to you.

It’s my deepest pleasure to introduce you to the feminine way to lose weight—I call it pleasurable weight loss.

Pleasurable weight loss is transforming women’s lives, slimming their bodies, and shifting the very ways they move in the world.


  • How relaxed you’ll feel when you feel great in your skin and know you look your best (no more wondering if people are noticing your weight or avoiding social events where you’ll be “seen”).
  • How confident and comfortable you’ll feel fitting into and wearing the clothes that you love (whether it’s to work or on a date).
  • How much your stress will ease when you can at last relax around food (no more trepidation opening the fridge or going out to eat).
  • How much more energy you’ll experience when you drop the excess that’s weighing you down (to do the things that really light up your life).

Whatever door losing weight would open for you, that’s what I’d love to help you do.

I’ve helped thousands of women across the world lose weight pleasurably, without dieting, deprivation or giving up chocolate…I’ve done it myself…and I promise you, I can help you, too.

To get you started right away, I’ve created a free video program that you can get right here. Just put in your name and email in here and it will be delivered to you instantly.

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A repeated refrain I hear from women, is that when they look back at old photos of themselves, they now see they actually did look good. The problem was, they didn’t realize it at the time.

Not only that, what I’d like to suggest is that they didn’t feel *allowed* to admit it.

Here’s what I’m getting at. We live in a culture where there’s a major *taboo* around loving your body.

a social or religious custom proscribing a particular practice as improper or unacceptable

Whereas it’s perfectly socially acceptable to deflect compliments, make subtle (or not-so-subtle) derogatory comments about how you look, and say downright mean things about your body in the company of others, in the same situation if you were to:
-- drink in compliments like water
-- make appreciative comments about your own appearance
-- and celebrate your body as it is...
... you may feel apprehensive. And with good reason!

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