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3 Steps to Maximize your Body’s Design for Pleasure

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Simple truth: your female body is designed for enjoyment.

She’s a creature engineered by Mother Nature to fully enjoy herself, and to be enjoyed by others.

Also true is that owning this reality in our culture can feel risqué, but it’s scientific fact.

We didn’t evolve just to be practical.

We didn’t adapt just to be functional.

We evolved to be sensitive, sensual and sexual, in any circumstances we want.

Society’s stigma on women’s pleasure affects us all. Our conditioning constrains our embrace of our ecstasy. But a stigma is only a belief, and beliefs are only thoughts.

The sensual nature of your female body is so much more powerful than any thought, which is why even after all this oppression, your drive for pleasure cannot be pushed underground and simply won’t go away. It wants to be welcomed with open arms.

That’s why I’m sharing these 3 steps to maximize your body’s design for pleasure, so that you can feel your best in any environment:

Step 1: If it feels good it’s good for you.

Remember that your body is a living, breathing, feeling, decision-making female animal. Her guidance is felt through emotions and sensations, and it all boils down to this: if it feels good it’s good for you.

This may sound over-simplified, but it’s worth exploring. Culture has taught us that if something feels good, you should feel guilty about it. And vice versa, that if something feels bad, then it’s a sacrificial badge of honor.

The first step to maximizing your body’s capacity for pleasure begins here. Instead of passing judgment on the things that make you feel good, you honor them. You start respecting the intelligence of your body’s responses. If something feels good to you, you pay attention. And if something feels bad to you, you don’t ignore it, you listen to wisdom in that information too.

Step 2: Be your own source of pleasure

One perspective shift that helps maximize the pleasure you experience, is seeing yourself as the source of it. I used to think that sexual pleasure was something that was given to me by someone else, and I felt completely impotent in giving it to myself.

This concept applies to every area of life. Is pleasure something you wait to be given, or do you proactively seek and embrace it?

To be the source of your own pleasure is to be generous with yourself.

You can woo your own senses as well as anyone else can. You know your favorite colors, textures, sights, and sounds. When you surprise and delight your senses, your ability to receive pleasure will grow.


Step 3: Embrace your unique pleasure fingerprint

Our culture teaches girls that how their sexuality looks on the outside is more important than how it feels on the inside. As a result, we deny our natural instincts in order to conform to externally imposed ideals.

The truth is that although many pleasures are universal, many are also unique. Nobody can tell you what you enjoy. Only you can feel it, therefore only you can be your own pleasure authority. What you enjoy requires no justification.

You have nothing to prove to anyone. Your pleasure is uniquely yours. Period.

Discover the unique snowflake of your sensuality. Give dignity to details that delight you. Honor your pleasure quirks, however out of the box of your upbringing they may be. When given respect, your pleasure capacity will expand.

By implementing these 3 steps you can have a completely new experience of your body. 

Enjoying your female body to the fullest extent possible is not meant to be a luxury, but one of the ABCs of life, available to every woman.

Claim your natural design and nothing will hold you back from living the pleasure that is intended to be yours.

Thank you so much for engaging. Leave me a comment with what you’re willing to put into practice.

With love,
Jena la Flamme
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