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Are you overweight & doomed, or evolving & healing?

Imagine you have a child who is not doing well at school. You know she’s bright, but it’s not translating into good grades.

Imagine responding to this situation by telling her that she’s stupid and lazy. Even if your intention was to motivate her, it wouldn’t work. Your shaming would put her in a counter-productive stress state. She would freeze, run away, or act out, leading to worse results in school, not better.

Instead, imagine telling her that she’s brilliant and capable. Explain to her that what’s holding her back is not permanent, and that it can change and transform with loving attention. Teach her that every day is a fresh start, and that she can get the results she wants in school. This approach can help her relax, and face the task at hand with grounded, focused energy, and to thrive at school.

Similarly, how you communicate to your body makes all the difference in the weight loss and body confidence results that are available to you.


If you wallow in dissatisfaction for your body, and think to yourself that she’s doomed to struggle with weight forever, it will stress her out. She will feel oppressed, taken for granted, and useless. In this state of stress, she’ll zone out in front of a screen, run to the fridge, or act out in another way. You’ll generate a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, if you stay relentlessly positive, and relate to your female body like a child who needs encouragement, then the possibilities are endless.

If you want to lose weight, instead of relating to your body as overweight and doomed, view her as overweight and healing.

Yes, healing.

There’s a reason you’ve been struggling and it’s not your fault. Your body is like an indigenous person who has been pulled away from her native Eden.

There have been wounds. There have been traumas. I repeat, it’s not your fault and it’s not your body’s fault.

What is in your hands, is the potential to heal. There’s a source of wisdom and regeneration inside you that can’t be lost. Tapping in to that well of magic is the catalyst for Pleasurable Weight Loss and Unshakeable Body Confidence.

Don’t throw your body under the bus with condemnation.
Refuse to oppress yourself.
Stand tall–a little bit taller every day.
Have pride in the road you’ve traveled, even with the setbacks.
You are a warrior, walking your path as best you can, capable of healing everyday.

Embrace the mindset:

“I am a warrior of light, and I am healing. My female animal body is a warrior of light, and she is healing.”

Transforming your body is a deep and wonderful process. It’s literally re-writing the story of your life and though it’s challenging, it’s also exciting and liberating.

Helping you transform from victim of your story to the heroine of your story is my medicine, and I’m here to serve you. Thanks for reading and for being part of this community.

With so much love to you and your creature,

Jena la Flamme
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  1. Jena, Thank you for all of the hard work you do to help women like me! I am so grateful that I got to know you and do your program. I am in love with my new journey of self-discovery and pleasure seeking, only good things are to come for sure!

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