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My birthday question: How long can you last on the dance floor?

Sister, may I ask you, do you dance?
And do you dance often?
Furthermore, do you dance like a woman who is wild and free at heart in the privacy of your home?
And are you willing to rock out on a dance floor, and if so, how long can you last?

The reason I’m curious is that I’ve been supporting women with Pleasurable Weight Loss and Unshakeable Body Confidence for 15 years, and without a doubt, one of the top most effective practices for reaching these goals is dance.

I’m all about the concept of bio-individuality. It makes sense that everyone’s ideal nutrition will be unique based on their genetics and their life conditions. Similarly, it makes sense that everyone’s ideal fitness program would be different, but…

I believe every woman needs to dance. 

Notice I say every woman “needs” to dance, and not every woman “should” dance. I dislike using the word “should,” and avoid it at all costs, because it implies an obligation and a lack of free choice. 

I believe every woman needs to dance because it’s in our animal DNA. Since we were cave woman, living in the wilds, we’ve been dancing around the fire, and setting our souls free to the rhythm of music and drums.

In dance, something wakes up. Our minds get to take a breather as you put your attention on the music, the movements, and how it all feels in your body. 

Simply put, dancing is magic.

If you want to transform your body shape, discover your body confidence, and/or refresh your sexuality to new heights, dance is a critical ingredient for every woman.

Dancing from your soul, without trying to impress anyone, simply to enjoy your aliveness, is an example of what I call Erotic Innocence, the shameless embracing of your senses and your animal body. 

Erotic Innocence is about having immense respect for your female body and the path of her evolution that’s led her to be how she is today.

And trusting that paying attention to pleasure and truly feeling good, can get you from where you are to where you want to be.

That’s why for the occasion of my birthday (tomorrow) I’m offering 50% off an Erotic Innocence Strategy Session with me, for $125 (normally $250).


This is an invitation to spend an intimate hour with me by phone or Skype, to be supported in your pleasurable weight loss, body confidence, and/or sexual empowerment.

If you want personal support to:
— Lighten up and transform your body
— Love how you look and feel, and operate with natural body confidence
— Life your sensuality and sexuality to new heights

…then this is for you.

This session comes with a no-questions-asked, money-back, satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk to you to try it out if you’re curious about my feminine, pleasure-positive approach.

Reserve your spot here and you’ll have access to my calendar right away.

Think of me tomorrow and I’ll leave it to your imagination how much I’m dancing.

With love,
Jena la Flamme
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