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My party that lasted for 3 days & b’day special extension

Woah! Turning 39 has been a whirlwind of joy and adventure.

It began with a costume party I hosted at my place. Dressing up as an alternative identity adds magic to the mood! My costume was Desert Princess from the planet Mule. (If you’re not familiar with planet Mule, google it.)

My divine Swiss hubby catered delicious food for the evening, and baked me a homemade chocolate birthday cake, with real Swiss chocolate. Yum! At midnight, he gathered the party in a moment of focused intention and delivered the cake with candles blazing.

He and I sing together often and know many of the same songs, but instead of leading a happy birthday song to me, he asked me to lead it. At first I stubbornly resisted, but he insisted so I surrendered and opened my voice to lead the call and response song.

The words go:
Happy Birthday to you
We’re so glad you’re alive
You’re a gift from the Earth
Bless the day of your birth

The next day he told me, “Jena, the reason I wanted you to lead it, was so that you could declare for yourself that ‘you are a gift from the Earth,’ and not be waiting for your mother or father to say it for you.”

Now it all made, sense. I felt the power in his message:
It is transformational to celebrate yourself.
It is life-giving to own that you are a blessing—a gift from Life and a gift to Life.

Every day we can celebrate our birth, and the privilege of having a female body!

Every day we can embrace what I call our Erotic Innocence, our childlike curiosity about our bodies and the worlds.

In doing so, we catalyze our own metamorphosis.

I mention this, because if you’d like my support in your transformation, where you want to
— Lose weight in a pleasurable way
— Walk the world with unshakeable body confidence and/or
— Empower your sexuality to new heights

…you’re invited to take me up on my birthday special of a 60-minute VIP Erotic Innocence Strategy Session by phone or Skype for 50% off. ($125, normally $250.)

Because of my unexpected 3-day birthday festivities, the special has been extended to Thursday, August 3rd, at midnight PT. This session comes with a full money-back, satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it out with no financial risk.

Happy re-birth to me and to you, every day of the year.

Who do you want to become? Let me help and guide you to her.

With love,
Jena la Flamme
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