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Seriously… pleasure?

I’m writing to you today to address a concern that comes up for many women.

Many women, when they hear me say that pleasure is vital for weight loss, are skeptical that an approach focused on pleasure can work.

It’s not surprising that they feel this way. For decades, women have been made to believe the myth that weight loss must be accompanied by annoying calorie counting, punishing exercise, harsh food restrictions, unrealistically small portions, unmet cravings, and uncomfortable hunger.

NONE of these methods are pleasurable… so how can indulging in pleasure be the secret to weight loss?

Sounds crazy… but it works: The science of pleasurable weight loss

Here’s how it works. When you are feeling stressed out by the restrictions of a dull, pleasure-less diet or feeling punished by a strenuous workout, your body releases cortisol.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that signals that you are in a scarcity and survival mode, causing your body to gain weight rather than lose it.

Yes, it’s scientifically accurate… Stressful diets and punishing exercise actually prevent you from losing weight, and can even cause you to gain more, no matter how much you push yourself.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true.

The relaxed state that comes from experiencing pleasure inhibits cortisol and creates the metabolic conditions that stimulate weight loss instead.

So if you want to end your struggle with restrictive diets and punishing exercise, then simply let pleasure be your guide.


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And for more details on why pleasure is a vital ingredient for weight loss, read this important letter.

With love,
Jena la Flamme
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