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Want To Slim Down? Love Your Mother!

Mother Issues + Stress: A Weight-Gaining Combo


Do you have “mother issues?”

Does your mama drive you absolutely nuts? Into a screaming frenzy? Beyond the edge of reason?

Tell the truth!

Mother issues make me smile and sigh at once, I know them so well.

Rest assured, you are not alonemother issues are very common!
Almost every woman I have ever encountered in my life has numerous “I can’t stand her/she drives me c-c-crazy!” complaints to share about her Mom. (Or Mum as we say where I grew up.)

Often times, mother-centered complaints are about their predictable, and sometimes incessant, criticism or lack of appreciation. “She never has anything nice to say about my house/outfit/life!”

Other times, it’s the irritating look of judgement she’ll shoot your way that bugs the crap out of you.
“She gave me that look across the table, and I instantly felt my blood boil. How did she do that?!”

I hear you, and I get you. I acknowledge that any of these motherly behaviors can make even a grown woman feel stressed out.

Speaking of stress. Let’s look at that little stinker.

Stress is not just a disembodied feeling that lingers in the air. It is a physiological state that occurs in your highly evolved, divinely designed body.

Your body’s stress response triggers an abundant release of cortisol and insulin two powerful chemicals that, when produced day in and day out, will signal your body to hang on to body fat, slow down digestion and to not build muscle. 

Hmm. Stress. Extra fat. Insulin overload.
“Mother issues.”
Do you see where I’m going with this?
Having major challenges in your relationship with your mom is not only unpleasant, it can endanger also your desired weight loss!

Fear not, my dear, and allow me to show you how to get around this predicament.

Love Your Mama, Release the Extra Padding

Warning: the following 3 statements may inspire you to have a tantrum.

1. Your mother is the feminine side of you.
2. She is where you came from, and you are literally a part of her.
3. When you attack your mother, you attack the feminine side of you, which means,
you are attacking yourself.

This might feel irritating, but it’s true.

When you dwell in judgments, anger or victim stories against your mother, your body perceives that as a personal attack.  These feelings create a stress that you pay a price for.

Your body instinctively protects herself from any personal attack that you initiated by padding herself with extra layers of fat.

Here’s why: Your body is programmed to know that *extra fat means extra safety.* Being “big,” subconsciously, has evolved to mean being strong, protected. It says, “you can’t get to me!”

This programming is an evolutionary inheritance from our primitive ancestors. Larger critters rarely became dinner for a smaller critters, after all.

In modern times the irony is, that extra weight, or protection, frequently comes from fighting with and criticizing yourself. Or harboring negative feelings toward your mother, can be the source.

The antidote?
Love. Forgiveness. Compassion. Understanding.
They create a body chemistry that signals a metabolic “release!” to all the extra fat your body may be holding on to.
Plus, these emotions give you a broader, more pleasurable perspective.

Birth Mother, Earth Mother

One thing that can help you inhabit a love-and-appreciation attitude towards your mom is by remembering that your mother is a part of Mother Earth.
The trees, the sky, the oceans. She is part of the marvelous planet you live in.

In fact, your mother is the one and only part of Mother Earth that birthed you.
Through her, you have the gift of life. Without her, you wouldn’t exist!
If that is not grounds to forgive and love someone, no matter what they may have done to hurt your feelings, I can’t think of anything that could be!

Simply put, your existence itself is the most convincing reason to feel gratitude towards your mother.

Forgive your mother and love her for being your gateway to life–in doing so, you’ll have opened your personal gateway to slimming down for good.

If you have a friend, sister or auntie who needs to feel better about her mother issues (and slim down), do her a favor and forward her this post.

With love for all mothers,
xo Jena

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  1. Hi Jena,

    I can definitely see where you’re coming from with this article. When I was reading it, I felt my blood boil so I started asking myself how I can have a better perception on my mother. Then, I thought of this beautiful picture of her on her graduation day. BEFORE she married my dad, BEFORE she had us kids, when she had hope in her life and dreams. From now on, I’m only going to think of my mom in that light. Thanks for the article. Sweet Love, Angela.

  2. What a gorgeous perspective. My mum is coming to visit in a few weeks, and I’m so glad that I found your thoughts on this. Definitely something to sit with and allow to sink in — and I’m sure it will make for more peace and playfulness between us. Thank you!

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