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What is the formula for Radiance?

My life changed when I was introduced to the idea of feminine Radiance. 

Until that moment I had a judgement against being “flashy.” I wore black most days, not because I loved it, but because it was “practical.”

I felt miserable about my shape, self-conscious of my appearance, and awkward about my sexuality. 

I stayed home alone in lonely isolation, not ecstatic solitude. 

These were not fun days or nights. 

I thought controlling my food and exercise would be the answer to feeling better about myself, but I was wrong. 

To my surprise, it was tuning in to my feminine Radiance was the spark that did the trick. 

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When you allow it, it shines out to the world like a light, brightening the way for ourselves and others. 

It’s something you can turn ON and turn UP at any age of stage of life. As women we have an infinite amount of radiance available to us, IF we have the courage to find it and let it out. 

To show you the practical steps I used to gain this courage, and to go from feeling bloated, heavy, and pre-occupied with food and my weight, to loving my belly, feeling light on my feet, and celebrating the magic of my female body, so that you can do the same, I’m offering a free Masterclass called:

The Radiance Formula: How to Lighten Up, Feel Gorgeous, & Shine Your Light with Confidence and Grace

In this live online Masterclass I’ll be sharing:

 How to look and feel lighter, physically and emotionally, and feel liberated with food and your body
 How to feel gorgeous, and be comfortable with being attractive and receiving attention 
 How to be a source of light, and operate in the world with power, confidence and grace                

I’m teaching this live class twice this Memorial Day weekend. 

On Saturday, May 27th, at 3 PM ET | noon PT
And on Monday, May 29th, at 3 PM ET | noon PT

Reserve your spot here and join me live if you can for a dynamic session.


I’ll be freshly returned from 2 weeks of intensive studies of feminine Radiance at a women’s retreat in Mexico and I’m excited to be sharing these ideas and practices with you, as I personally glow like never before. 

One of the keys of feminine Radiance is not doing it alone so join me and we can do this together. 

Join me for The Radiance Formula.

With love,
Jena la Flamme
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