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Why I was naked on a bed of moss

I’ve just returned from a retreat center in the rainforest in Whistler, Canada. 

It was nestled among HUGE trees with a river flowering through the land, and a profusion of flowers and bird life, including hummingbirds. It was breath-taking!

One lunchbreak, while walking by the river with other participants in the program, we discovered a path heading into the forest and went exploring. 

We soon came upon a small gully completely covered in thick spongy moss. My eyes nearly fell out of my head. It’s been a long-time fantasy of mine to lie in a bed of moss, in Mother Earth’s comfortable, sensual embrace. This was my chance! 


I made a plan to come back later, slipping away alone at the next break.

I knew that all the other humans on the property were either eating dinner or gone home for the day, so there was no chance that I would be disturbed. I was alone with the forest and her creatures and felt completely safe.

I seized the moment. I took off my clothes and lay completely bare on the moss.

I turned my senses outward and felt the moss, saw the trees, and heard the bubbling brook. All around me was beauty, and I was at one with all of it.

I pulled a bottle of massage oil out of my bag and I rubbed oil on myself. I caressed my whole body, evoking deep pleasure while anchoring my thoughts into unconditional self-love and love for Nature. 

Sincerely this was one of the peak moments of my life. Pure Erotic Innocence to use a concept that I teach and subscribe to! 

I was like a naked child in the Garden of Eden, a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life!

I share this story because it is my deep wish that every woman can experience this level of love, safety and belonging. With the Earth and with her female animal body.

I want to remind you, that on the other side of what may feel like endless suffering with food and weight is another reality awaiting you: peace, serenity, and freedom.

Being naked on moss may or may not be your cup of tea, but the full acceptance and enjoyment of your body is something every woman deserves.

Your body is yours to love and enjoy. That power is in your hands. Your suffering doesn’t have to be permanent. Even in the dark rainforest, there’s rays of light streaming through the canopy. 

With love,
Jena la Flamme
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