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Always Hungry? Why You’re Still Hungry, Even After You Eat

I Can’t Get No…Sa-tis-fac-tion

I clearly remember, back not that many years ago, when it was a regular occurrence for me, that no matter how much I’d eat, I would never feel fully satisfied with my meal.

If you’re familiar with this highly unsettling experience of feeling you never arrive at having enough–even if you’ve already eaten an appetizer, an entrée, a side dish and a dessert–then you may becoming alarmed by your persistent cravings, and wanting to get to the bottom of the question, “why do I still feel hungry, even after I eat?”

The reason the feeling of deep satisfaction continues to elude you, my darling, is because your body is using that insatiable hunger for a very specific use: as it’s desperate cry for your attention.

Your endless hunger is your body calling to you to look within, and discover what you’re really missing.

What I’m really hungering for… What do you mean?

If you’re still hungry after you’ve eaten a substantial meal, odds are, that what you truly crave is not more food, but rather another form of enrichment to your life, that will give you feelings of satisfaction, pleasure and “full”fillment. 

Your female body–or as I like to say, your living, breathing, feeling, wise, female animal–uses sensations as a way to communicate her messages to you.

The alarming sensation of deep, insatiable hunger is exactly that–an alarm. An alarm specifically designed to get you to wake up to the reality that your life is lacking in the satisfaction department.

What’s fascinating about being a human animal, is that for your body, pleasure is not optional. It’s a biological requirement. It’s a need.

And if you are neglecting that need, don’t be surprised if after you’ve eaten a full meal, you still felt totally empty.

If you’ve spent an entire day completing chores and obligations there’s a high chance even the healthiest, most delicious meal isn’t going to completely “full”fill you. You need something more.

I can almost hear you saying: “But Jena, true fulfillment is probably impossible. I wouldn’t even know where to start creating it! How am I supposed to truly fulfill myself, and bring my true satisfaction to life. Do you know how much responsibility I already have on my plate?”

Bringing Your Satisfaction to Life: a 5-Step Guide

Although it may at first sound daunting, bringing your satisfaction to life, to the point where your urges to overeat simply fall away and pleasurable weight loss becomes a natural side-effect, is a doable. By taking a baby steps towards consciously creating satisfaction in your life, you’ll experience a snowball effect, with satisfaction coming to you with greater and greater ease over time.

To lay it out in steps for you, I’ve devised a 5-step P.A.U.S.E. guide. (Hint: Pay special attention to the letter “S.”)  

P: Pause.

When feeling hungry after eating, don’t reach for another piece of food. Instead, simply pause, and notice your hunger, without judging it. Keep your curiosity and attention on it, even if it’s a little uncomfortable.

A: Ask.

Ask your body for the deeper message in the craving. Ask your body, “ what do you really need? What are you really hungry for? What are you really longing for?” The answer could be anything, to fulfill any type of hunger you could possibly have, so stay open to what your body, your female animal is communicating to you. Tinker with the idea that your dissatisfaction with food is somehow related to your life.

U: Understand.

Understand what your true hunger is about, and give it a name. Are you hungry for better relationships? For work more aligned with your gifts? For expressing your deepest, feelings into a journal? Take time to meditate on a deeper understanding of yourself, your deepest feelings and of your true desires.

S: Seek.

Seek your pleasure like your slimming down depends on it – because it does! When you add more pleasure, enjoyment and fun into your life, whether it’s through your job, your relationships, your social life or your exercise time (or all of the above) your body will enter into a relaxation mode. This physiological state is where your body gives the go ahead for extra pounds to be released, for muscle to be built, for digestion to flourish and for your body to be its most radiantly feminine shape.

: Enjoy! 

Yes, lovely! Once you’ve asked yourself about your feelings, understood them, and sought out the things that will give you fulfillment, enjoy them like they’re the most important thing in the world. I know this culture doesn’t encourage you to reach for what lights you up, so I’m giving you a huge, glowing permission slip to do so.

Boldly reaching for the activities, relationships, jobs and entire lifestyle that satisfies you will cause your desire to overeat to dwindle, until eventually, it’s your vibrant life that you’re relying on to fill you up, and not food.

After your thoughtful P.A.U.S.E., tell me:

  1. Have you ever felt like no matter what you ate, you just couldn’t feel full? Where were you and did you do about it?
  2. What are you truly hungering for, today and for the new year? What satisfying activities do you desire to enjoy in 2013?

Final question: Have a friend who thinks she’s a bottomless pit of hunger? Send her the ticket to some true satisfaction, and a better understanding of her fulfillment, by forwarding her this post.

Wishing you deep satisfaction,
xo Jena

P.S. 2013 is on the horizon! And with it, the proverbial fresh start and new leaf. What I’ve discovered makes a new beginning actually last, and become a real transformation, is when it is made in community.

I call this having the right “ecology,” and it’s a key part of my feminine strategies for weight loss, and one of the important reasons that my Pleasure Immersion program is so successful.

As its name implies, it’s an immersive experience into pleasure, with every possible resource you’ll ever need to slim down, once and for all, the feminine way.

Skeptical? Got an eyebrow up? Good! I love a deep thinker. Click here to learn more about the program.


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{ 6 comments… read them below or add one }

Alisha December 18, 2012 at 2:00 pm

Sometimes if we are mineral deficient it can reveal itself in strange food cravings. Also, if you are lipid deficient (from overzealous dieting) you may be short on fat. Restricting fat can be a one way ticket to hungry-all-the-time-ville.


Isabel December 18, 2012 at 2:32 pm

I’m hungering for more playful stimulation outside of my computer (fun nights out, good art, physical touch, etc.) THE REAL WORLD


Jena December 19, 2012 at 10:59 am

Hi Alisha,
Great points you are making. Thanks for adding to the conversation.


Purneema December 19, 2012 at 4:33 am

I am currently on this stage exactly u mentioned ….. Feel like the go on eating even though I m full…. i m not sure what it is all abt… pls help.


Robin December 19, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Hello Jena,

I LOVE your message and I totally agree with you! I would love to “partner up” with you per say. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and I teach a very hypnotic and pleasurable type of yoga that really focuses on enjoying the movement and releasing stress. I incude a lovely deep hypnotic meditation at the end that really allows these messages to sink into ones subconscious and become new patterns. Is there any way that we could schedule a time to talk? Would love to reach and help as many women as possible. Thank you!!


Jena December 20, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Hi Robin,
Thanks for reaching out. Please email me at


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