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How to free yourself from the virus of criticizing your body

We notice the sharpness and meanness when other women criticize their bodies, but we are blindly unaware when we do it ourselves. Sadly, being critical and judgmental of your body, as if it doesn’t measure up, is society’s norm for women. My response in one word: Ouch!  It hurts to feel this way about […]

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Solstice Celebration & Happy Holidays

The year is spiraling to an end. Today is the Solstice, the original pagan celebration that gave birth to all the other religious celebrations at this time of the year. It’s Summer Solstice for half of the world, including from where I am writing to you, my Motherland, Australia, and the Winter Solstice for […]

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How to have a Pleasurable Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving today in the United States. What I most want to express thanks for in this moment is YOU, woman. Thanks for being here and for being curious about Pleasurable Living. I once asked a shaman from Peru to teach me about prayer. She took me out under a night sky glistening with […]

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Invitation to online New Moon Muse Ritual

My beloved sister and teacher, Sofiah Thom, has recently birthed The Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance, and personally, I’m gushing over how amazing it is. Her school offers online and in person journeys to support womento reclaim their feminine power, embody their womb wisdom, and birth their sexual sovereignty. I worked with Sofiah in person […]

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Jade Egg Cacao Ceremony for healing and empowerment

With the transparency of the #metoo movement taking us by storm, now is a time for personal and collective healing of the feminine.  To heal and grow, we need a new way of living, including a new language for our bodies and our pleasure. (Drum Roll) Introducing, the Yoni.  Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred place of creation. It’s […]

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A 3-step Halloween ritual you can do tonight

If you’re in New York City right now, you are in the thick of a city in celebration! It seems like no place rocks Halloween like our town. Already this weekend, there were people wearing costumes on nearly every street corner which felt extraordinary and magical.  Tonight is Halloween itself and there will be avery special energy in the air. Earth-based religion celebrates Halloween as the time of […]

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Goddess Cacao Ceremony

Since ancient times, women have gathered in sacred circles to magically support, empower, and honor one another as reflections of the goddess, and share the secrets of embodied femininity. With today’s busy lifestyles, it’s essential that we dedicate time for rejuvenation and sensual sisterhood. We crave gentle, safe space to slow down, exhale and […]

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The story of how an 80-year old woman taught me to orgasm

It seems like in general, boys don’t have an issue finding their orgasm, but girls often do.  For a long time, I was also in this category. Orgasm was elusive to me. Sometimes I would have one, when the circumstances were just so, and a willing lover was able to “give” it to me. […]

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“See you in bed.”

My husband and I kissed goodbye in the kitchen, and bid each other farewell: “See you in bed.” He, a professional musician, was off to a gig. And I, a professional pleasure activist, was off to a sensual dance class.  Rather than giving each other an expectation of meeting at a certain time, we […]

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When you feel sexy you are hard to turn against yourself.

Here’s what society doesn’t tell us growing up: When you feel sexy, you are harder to push over. When you enjoy your body, you are harder to turn against yourself. And vice versa. When you give up on feeling ecstatic, you are easier to manipulate. When you desert the enjoyment of your body, you […]

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