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Jade Egg Cacao Ceremony for healing and empowerment

With the transparency of the #metoo movement taking us by storm, now is a time for personal and collective healing of the feminine. 

To heal and grow, we need a new way of living, including a new language for our bodies and our pleasure.

(Drum Roll) Introducing, the Yoni. 

Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred place of creation. It’s symbolized by a downward triangle, the geometric shape of the universal feminine principle. 


Your yoni is your vulva, vagina and womb space. It is your physical and energetic portal of creation. It is your sexual and creative center.

To be connected to your yoni is to be connected to your sexual life force, the cycles of the moon, the waves of your emotions, and the mysteries of the feminine.

Yet instead of celebrating our yonis as magical temples of pleasure and wonder, our culture conditions us to relate to the yoni with fear, pain and confusion.

Unless we actively clear and harmonize our feminine energies, our chi/prana becomes stuck, and we experience pain, numbness, and disconnection from our sensuality, sexuality, and personal power.

But, fortunately the tools to reclaim and heal our yonis are at our fingertips.

You are invited to join my beloved friend and teacher, the incredible Monika Nataraj, and I for a gentle, yet profound, Yoniceremony in a safe and supportive container of a potent sister circle for our Jade Egg Cacao Ceremony: A Journey of Yoni Wisdom.

In this ceremony we will combine:
 The medicine of cacao (known as the heart and womb doctor)
 The healing properties of the Jade Egg 
 And the power of intention, music and breath.

Drinking Cacao sets the stage by awakening and softening our physical and emotional body, opening the door to go deeper with the other tools. 

Through this journey you will: 
 Heal pain from past traumas
 Learn a toolkit of safe, transformational practices 
 Expand your potential for deep orgasmic pleasure
 Strengthen your confidence in your intuition and inner guidance
 Have a renewed relationship with your yoni 
 Have a deeper reverence for all things relating to the yoni

Bring your own Jade Egg or Yoni Wand.

When: Wednesday, November 22nd, 7 PM – 10 PM
Where: Our beautiful, secret Tantric Cacao temple space in Harlem (exact address and additional information provided upon registration)
Exchange: $197

This is our final joint NYC offering of 2017, so join us for an unforgettable night! 

With love,

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