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Weight Loss Pleasure Camp–What is is and how it works

You can imagine how the thoughts went in my head when this idea crystallized…

What would a “bootcamp” look like if it was based in pleasure and there was
no “boot” in it at all?

Weight Loss + Pleasure + Bootcamp – Boot = Weight Loss Pleasure Camp!

And so it was born. First online, and then Omega Institute called me up and
said, “we love this idea, let’s bring it to life as a real camp!”

(They also said, “Jena, many people talk the talk of the feminine, but our
sources tell us you really live it.” Ooooh, mysterious, I wonder who their
sources are?!)

So, what is it?
And how does it work?

To explain exactly that, here’s a video to answer your questions, why we took the
boot out of bootcamp and put pleasure in instead.

Jena & Renee

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