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A 3-step Halloween ritual you can do tonight

If you’re in New York City right now, you are in the thick of a city in celebration!

It seems like no place rocks Halloween like our town.

Already this weekend, there were people wearing costumes on nearly every street corner which felt extraordinary and magical. 

Tonight is Halloween itself and there will be avery special energy in the air.

Earth-based religion celebrates Halloween as the time of the natural cycle of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest. Ooooh…spooky.

Traditionally there were great fires and much revelry at this time, but also an emphasis on stillness and introspection. It was the time to go into the cellar at night by candle light, to blow out the flame, and to sit in darkness, alone with your inner gaze. 

However, you are celebrating Halloweenyou can try this ritualyourself tonight. Before you start, put on your phone on flight mode, so that you are unreachable and undisturbed for a few minutes, and set a timer for 7 minutes.

In a dark space if possible, close your eyes. Start breathing in and out through the nose with intention and presence, connecting to the Earth beneath you.

  1. Tune in to your ancestors, meaning anyone in your lineage who has passed away.
  2. Notice the threads that connect you, and anything else that’s meaningful for you.
  3. Send gratitude back through time for every single ancestor that supported the flow of life force all the way to you

After 7 minutes, complete the ritual, or continue as long as youwant, and elaborate according to your imagination. May this ritualenhance your Halloween.

The weekend after Hallowwen, to integrate all this magic, (and madness,) Sacha and I are joining forces with a talented breathwork facilitator, Chad Charles, and offering our Breath O’Cacao Ceremony combining:

— Deep sound bath
— Relaxing powers of the Cacao medicine
— Powerful work of the conscious, connected breath.

This is going to be a potent trio, and a fusion of ceremony, celebration, and personal growth and reinvention.

Bring your vision of who you want to become, and let’s sculpt the future together.

WhenSunday, November 5th, 2 PM – 5 PM
WhereCacao Temple of Harlem (exact address provided upon registration)
Exchange$55. Spaces are limited. Pre-registration required.

Reserve your spot here and bring a friend.

You are warmly invited. Come join us for the Breath O’Cacao Ceremony. We’d love to share this magic with you.

With love,

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