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How to Answer the Call of your Temple Body

I call it your Animal Body.
She calls it your Temple Body.
Who am I talking about?
The incredible Sofiah Thom, the creator of Temple Body Arts.

She’s a woman I’ve been magnetized to since the moment I first heard her voice.

Now she’s a friend and one of my favorite teachers on the planet.

She asks this question: Do you desire to know your worth and realize your brilliance as the Goddess you were born to be?

If so, now is the moment to tap into the well of wisdom and power living within your sacred Temple Body… and here’s how.


Sofiah is hosting International Temple Body Arts Day, this August 2nd, and is inviting you and your Inner Goddess to join her to awaken your Temple Body and your unique expression, through a Temple body Arts Journey.

I’m going to San Diego to co-facilitate the live experience, and you can participate from anywhere in the world at no cost through the magic of the web. All you need is your computer, space to move your body and some art supplies.

You don’t need movement arts experience to participate. There will be women from all over the world with all levels of movement capacity partaking in this movement arts ritual. All that’s required is the desire to connect to your wild, brilliant self through your unique expression.


In addition to the Temple Body Arts Journey, you’ll also receive interviews with over 25 Visionary Embodied Leaders, including me, speaking on topics such as Womb Wisdom, Sexual Sovereignty, Embodied Devotion, and much more.

Get all the details and sign up for Temple Body Arts Day here. It’s free, it’s empowering, and it will wake up your unique divine essence.

With love,
Jena la Flamme
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