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How to free yourself from the virus of criticizing your body

We notice the sharpness and meanness when other women criticize their bodies, but we are blindly unaware when we do it ourselves.

Sadly, being critical and judgmental of your body, as if it doesn’t measure up, is society’s norm for women.

My response in one word: Ouch! 

It hurts to feel this way about yourself.
I know this from over a decade of drowning in the toxic sludge of feelings of inadequacy. 

I say toxic, because when you put yourself down, it muddies the air between you and everyone else. 

You can’t really connect to anyone or anything on a pure level because your internal dialogue of self-loathing puts a constant static in the air.

It’s like noise pollution, but the noise is coming from your own mind.


We all know we need clean air and clean water, and that clean environment begins within, with the seeds of your own self-love, self-approval and self-esteem.

That’s why I’m inviting you to my FREE MASTERCLASS called “Stop Sabotaging your Body Confidence and Reclaim your Natural Beauty in 2018.” happening tomorrow night, Tuesday, January 9th @ 7 PM ET | 4 PM PT.

Join me for this LIVE video Masterclass in which I’ll share how to 

GAIN instant clarity on why women sabotage their Body Confidence, generation after generation, and how to break the cycle, and embrace your right to feel luscious and gorgeous. 

LIBERATE yourself from comparison, self-criticism, and all the negative self-talk women are conditioned to engage in, and learn how adding more kindness, compassion, and PLEASURE, not more denial, is the key for body confidence. 

HEAL your relationship with your body and transform your self-expression, appearance, and sensuality.

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Since early December I’ve been on an incredible retreat in Australia (the land of my birth) and then Switzerland (the land of my husband’s birth), and this is my first live offering of the year.

I’m really excited to share this Masterclass with you. Reserve your spot here. If you can’t make it live, I’ll send the recording!

With love,

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