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How to have a Pleasurable Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving today in the United States. What I most want to express thanks for in this moment is YOU, woman. Thanks for being here and for being curious about Pleasurable Living.

I once asked a shaman from Peru to teach me about prayer. She took me out under a night sky glistening with stars and sat me on the ground.

“There are 2 main prayers,” she schooled me. “Help and thank you. Help to overcome your challenges. And thank you for all you receive.”

The simplicity of this interpretation of prayer empowered me! Since then I’ve said “Help!” or “Thank you!” to the Universe on many occasions!

The wise ones say that offering “thank you” for what you have, is the most effective way to call in that which you want.

Gratitude is a sweet medicine that makes everything better.

To make your Thanksgiving as pleasurable and filled with the essence of gratitude as possible, I’m sharing 5 ideas to inspire the flow of positive vibes in your day.


1. Give thanks for your female animal body as you start the day
Start the day thanking your body for all the things she does every day to keep you alive. Your mind doesn’t have to keep your heart beating. It’s totally handled. Thank her for being your conduit to life itself. Thank you, beloved animal body.

2. Give thanks for Mother Nature
Even if you’re engaged indoors with socializing and long meals, make a point to go outside to relish in the outdoors. Soak in the sun’s rays. Breathe in the fresh air. Notice the trees and observe the birds. Thank Nature for being a giving Mother, that is unconditionally living to all her children—you and your female animal included. Thank you, Mother Nature.

3. Be authentic
Layered upon our authentic self, we often wear a social mask in order to operate in the world. On this day of thanks, I invite you to remove it, and to simply be yourself. Ceasing to cater so much to what others will think of you is a deeply pleasurable act. Drop the social mask as a way of giving thanks for your true essence. Thank you, authenticity.

4. Dress to decorate 
Dig deep in your closet for something you save for special occasions. Adorn yourself with an outfit that communicates your unique essence. “Decorate the world” is the slogan of one of my most stylish friends and I agree, or in this case “Decorate Thanksgiving.” Thank you, style.

5. Eat only for pleasure
I’m all for indulging in pleasure, in the way that respects your animal body. Eating for pleasure only turns into discomfort when you are not present. The simple way to do this is to let yourself be engrossed in whatever you are eating or drinking. Whatever passes your lips, may you relish it. Whatever touches your taste buds, may you fully enjoy it without guilt. Put your fork down while you talk and for breathing breaks. Let the pleasure of the meal settle into your awareness, bite by bite. Eating this way, you can stop when you’re satisfied, without crossing over the line into food coma territory. Thank you, for pleasurable eating! Power to the food!

I hope these tips add to the magic of your experience.

Enjoy your day. Be kind and loving to yourself, this day, and every day.

With love,
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