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“See you in bed.”

My husband and I kissed goodbye in the kitchen, and bid each other farewell: “See you in bed.”

He, a professional musician, was off to a gig. And I, a professional pleasure activist, was off to a sensual dance class. 

Rather than giving each other an expectation of meeting at a certain time, we left it open, knowing that we’d end up back in our bed eventually.

And when we say, “See you in bed,” we mean more than “I’ll see you on the mattress.” 

We mean that we will meet each other there.
Whether we meet for a cuddle, a kiss, a caress or more, the specifics change, but the essence of finding each other stays the same.

We reach out to find each other’s bodies as the sensitive, feeling creatures that they are. We give each other comfort and love.


Yet before you can truly say “See you in bed” to a lover, you need to be able to say it to yourself. You need to be willing to literally see yourself, all of yourself—your desires, your fears, your fantasies—and welcome it all. 

Being welcoming of your animal body and all dimensions of your sensuality and sexuality is no small feat in our culture. With Barbie as our role model, we are conditioned to be plastic beings. We’re taught to fear our erotic potential and to repress our sensual intelligence.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way! As soon as you are willing, the walls of repression can come down, and the floodgates of pleasure can open. 

And that’s where I enter the picture. I’m trained to meet a woman wherever she’s at along her path of sexual empowerment, and to support her to overcome her obstacles, and to rise up to her greatest glory.


This month I’m making my public debut as a sexuality and Tantra expert, and to punctuate this moment I’m offering a 69% off special offer on private coaching with me. 

For 3 more days only I’m offering a 60-minute one-on-one VIP Sexual Empowerment & Body Confidence Strategy Session with me, by phone or Skype for $77 instead of the regular $250. 

Imagine being supported in your sexual goals with no judgment, shame or guilt. Imagine being guided with the tools that allow you to experience more pleasure in your body than ever before. This is my invitation to you.

Reserve your spot here and you’ll get access to my calendar right away to set up your VIP Sexual Empowerment & Body Confidence Strategy Session 

The session comes with a no-questions-asked, money-back, satisfaction guarantee so you can try it out with no risk.

Sending love to you and your animal body,

With love,
Jena la Flamme


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