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When you feel sexy you are hard to turn against yourself.

Here’s what society doesn’t tell us growing up:

When you feel sexy, you are harder to push over.
When you enjoy your body, you are harder to turn against yourself.

And vice versa.

When you give up on feeling ecstatic, you are easier to manipulate.
When you desert the enjoyment of your body, you dull your instinct and intuition.

Feeling empowered in your sexuality is about so much more than sex. 

Your sex life is a kaleidoscope for your entire life, merging connection, meaning and purpose. It’s about your mindset, self-esteem and willingness to be free.

Feeling sensually satisfied means claiming of your rightful place on Mother Earth, our green planet where all of our needs are intended to be met. 

If this vision stirs you and awakens the desire of your female body for immense satisfaction and fulfillment, then I’m here to help.

I’m making my public debut as a sexuality and Tantra expert, and to commemorate this moment I’m offering a 69% off special offer on private coaching with me. (Numerical pun intended.)

For 5 days only I’m offering 69% off a one-on-one VIP Sexual Empowerment & Body Confidence Strategy Session with me. This is 60-minutes by phone or Skype for $77 instead of the regular, $250.


Imagine an hour of dedicated focus on your sensual and sexual evolution. Wherever you’re currently at, and wherever you want to end up, I’ll support your next steps.

There’s no one correct way to express sexual empowerment, but in your gut, you know your private desire and what you long for. I’m trained to help you uncover your desires and make them come true. 

Reserve your spot here, and you’ll get access to my calendar right away to set up your VIP Sexual Empowerment & Body Confidence Strategy Session

It would be my great joy to connect with you.

With love,
Jena la Flamme

P.S. To want to evolve sensually and sexually is a wonderful goal because so much growth is available in this area. Infinite ripples of magic will spread through your entire life when your sexuality is fully online! Yet you don’t have to wade into these waters alone–for my dedicated support, reserve your spot here.

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